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You had your hair buzzed and dyed?? I can't imagine it!!
whowasntthere whowasntthere Said:

I’d always had my hair very, very long until I was around 14. Then, I got wrapped up into the Punk Scene in Alaska (which is oddly pretty big). My friend Jason — out of the blue — asked if anyone else wanted to shave their head with him.

I replied “Why not?" My hair was buzzed that day and has taken until now to get back to its former length.

I have a soft spot for punk and cyberpunk fashion, which comes up a lot in our comics. I still remember moshing angrily in steel-toed boots and slamming big dudes with my spiked leather jacket, or being swung around by my ankles into a moshpit full of pumped up punks. I’m not a violent person, I just love connecting with violence. 

Two more, cropped to protect the innocent. 


Okay, so if anyone that follows me is interested in sci-fi literature allow me to point you in the direction of ianbrooks's “The Chthonian Fridge”(thechthonianfridge.) It’s engrossing and trippy and a little bit stressful, and I highly recommend it. In his own words:

Face Friday - Red Lipstick + Tiny Villain ‘Stache

I wore red lipstick for the first time in forever and a day (since I was 15-ish, when my hair was buzzed and Manic Panic Fire Engine Red) and this photo was taken of me, as well as a few others. The wind was pretty blustery, so it gave me a dapper tiny mustache as well. 

I don’t know if I’ll load the rest up, this shows my Mountain of a Nose pretty well. 


From ‘The Anatomy of Sin’ series by Mimetica.



ChaosLife: Basic Bat

It’s all about getting your name out there.


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Brody Dalle - Don’t Mess With Me

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