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Is "Dickbitch Motherfucker" gender neutral? Because if so Im going to use it on everyone and thing.
whowasntthere whowasntthere Said:

Of course it is! 

Friends, enemies, subs, lovers, cats, spouses, particularly tricky cans to open, anyone! It doesn’t matter! 

Anyone, anything can be…

A Dickbitch Motherfucker…! 

Now go out there and wield your awesome new power.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Do you and Stiffler call each other A and K at home, or just for Tumblr purposes?
whowasntthere whowasntthere Said:

At home, too. All the time, really. I also call A. “Stiffler” or “Stiffy” or “Dickbitch Motherfucker” often. 

I have a potty mouth. 

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Was wondering...if you and Stiffler have tried it, is going down on a strap on pleasurable for the recipient?
whowasntthere whowasntthere Said:



By Chris Sims

Cartoonist Alison Bechdel is virtually a household name at this point. Her comics, including Fun Home and Dykes To Watch Out For, are deservedly critically acclaimed, and ‘The Bechdel Test’ has become an increasingly relevant shorthand for analysis of gender diversity in fiction. In other words, she’s a genius, and today, that became official.

Bechdel is one of the latest recipients of The MacArthur Foundation‘s “Genius Grant,” which honors “talented individuals who have shown extraordinary originality and dedication in their creative pursuits and a marked capacity for self-direction,” and comes with an award of $625,000 that can be spent any way the recipient sees fit.



ChaosLife: Tone Ticks

I couldn’t stop if I tried.


When I was 5 I thought it would be awesome to have NES Mario Sound Effects play all day. It isn’t. 

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and remember kids its never too late to become a raging degenerate homosexual

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Really, really proud to have been part of the group who developed NYCC’s new anti-harassment policy. I’ve had my (very public) differences with NYCC, but I’m really happy with this policy, and optimistic about their commitment to developing the infrastructure to support it.

You can find the policy at the link above (along with more info on the team who helped create it; AFAIK, all of us are available for independent consulting on things like this); or on the NYCC website. It sounds like they’re planning to use it for ReedPop shows across the board, which, again, is great to hear.

Harassment policies are only as effective as they are visible, so please share the links and help spread the word.

Awesome. <3 



I draw sometimes, I guess. I’m trying to get the hang of Clip Studio Paint and I had no idea what to draw, so I defaulted to what high school me would have drawn: horses. 


I’m mostly sharing because I haven’t really posted a whole lot of art recently. This is nothing like how I normally paint anything ever so it was pretty fun and unusual. 

Have a dooble at not 4am, doobles.