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I mean, it is October now…


hair and make up goals:




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Why not move back then? Also, as someone who has had REAL gumbo and compared it to what people in other states claim is gumbo...I sympathize.
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A plethora of reasons, monetary and safety concerns among them. And yes! In this town they serve bland gumbo with cheese bread, for some reason. Luckily, I make my own gumbo for us — extra spicy.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Where would you like to live most, that isn't Louisiana or Ohio?
whowasntthere whowasntthere Said:

Switzerland has built-in underground bunkers for most of its population and I can’t lie, that fact impacts my decisions greatly. 

Asker lunulata Asks:
How do you feel about Mary and Fragile!? (I know how you feel, but OMG)
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Favorite musician/musical performer? If you can't pick one then you can do two or more, I'm not picky.
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Father John Misty is my kind of performer. 

As is Karen O.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hello! I was the one that made the chibi FragileXMary picture. I'm only using Anon because that's my secondary blog and tumblr is stupid by not letting me use that name to ask this question... anyway! I just wanted to say that I'm glad you liked it, and are you okay with me drawing more? Possibly more detailed and not so chibi-fied?
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Times When I Am Not Okay with FanArt:

Asker tgmoo Asks:
What do you miss the most about Louisiana?
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The weather, the crawfish boils, the forests, the giant magnolias (Ohio has such tiny magnolias), the willows, the plantations, the atmosphere, the people, the swamps, the music (GOOD jazz), the buskers, the secret gardens in the French Quarter, the open alcohol laws, the beignets, the giant plants, the chicory coffee, the Audubon Zoo, the festivals, Mardi Gras (and catching an amazing Zulu coconut), the architecture, the rain, the weird smell after the rain, the weird smell before the rain, sitting on the levees, the way the wind sounded at night, the orange trees in my neighbor’s yard, the abundant frogs I would catch, the chicken lady, the religions, the cemeteries, the ghosts, the soul… … Too many things, much too strongly, to rattle off properly.