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FindChaos: Unkindness, Page 46

Another casualty of the evening.


At least there’s work to distract.


"Traditional facial tattoos run down the cheeks and chin of this Berber woman, photo ~ early 1950’s."

(via vampsockan)

Sneak Preview - Buttons!

I’ve been hard at work making us another little shop this month, which includes some custom Agender pins I might have already ordered for Stiffler. Their pronouns aren’t “preferred,” any more than their name is — those are just their g’damn pronouns. Anyway, available so soooooon!!

narrativist said: Where do you think the line is between “curious” and “has no sense of boundaries”? I know you’ve said in the past that you and Stiffler are very open, so where’s the line of “don’t ask about anything more personal than this”??

Considering the wide range of subjects we address, there’s no distinct line where I can say “this” but “not this.”

Coupled with that, 99% of the time we’re comfortable answering private questions, but there might that 1% where we just don’t feel like it. Human emotions are wonky that way.

Personally, I think that if a question comes from a place of genuinely trying to understand or relate in some way, it’s probably fine. If it comes from a place of trying to instigate, make us uncomfortable, or be creepy/lewd — it’s probably not fine. 

The great thing is, we’re pretty laid back individuals. You can always Ask us things — there’s nothing stopping anyone from doing that. It might be too personal, and that’s okay. We also might not always answer, and that’s okay too. 

Sometimes (so often) on Tumblr, I just want to respond with a Form Letter to my personal Asks. It would read vaguely like: 

I Have Received Your Ask. Unfortunately, it seems that you lack (one or more of) the following:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Knowing That Mythical Creatures Aren’t Real
  • Understanding Hyperbole
  • Knowing Anything About Me
  • Being Capable of Basic Reasoning
  • The “Google” Search Bar
  • Any Sense of Boundaries
  • A Desire for Reasonable Discourse Beyond Inflammatory Verbal Diarrhea
  • Discriminatory Words Against Me Beyond “Dyke,” “Bitch,” “Lesbo,” “Rape-Baby,” or variations of “Fuck(er)” 
  • A Dictionary  

Because of this, I have chosen to laugh, delete your Ask and never think of you again. Please continue being one of God’s humorous creatures, much like the duck-billed platypus. Or, in lieu of this, use the amazingly wondrous internet you got here with to educate and entertain yourself instead, much unlike the duck-billed platypus (unless there’s some secret world of Cybernet DBP we’re unaware of, in which case, good on them). Please proceed to the nearest exit and Don’t Panic.