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Below is me trying to figure out my sexuality a whole lot. Been thinking about it a ton lately. Below the cut for anyone who wants to read or help me figure this shit out a bit, cause damn it’s difficult sometimes. I envy anyone…

Labels can be hard to figure out, but for some people they matter — and in the world where everyone is expected to “define” themselves in a short blurb, it gets harder and harder to exist without labels.

My spouse doesn’t like to label their sexuality (other than K-Sexual, haha) but I do, both because I feel it fits me personally and because it’s easy for people to identify what I’m about sexuality-wise. It doesn’t encompass the nuances and differences that any sexuality might experience, but it fits for now. Until they come up with a label for liking to fuck women and meat-robots.

I’m glad that the internet is a place where we can communally talk about labels, sexuality and its inherent place in society without one single word of harshness. It’s a refreshing feeling. :D Good luck figuring stuff out, everyone.


Hey, Wondercon is this weekend! We’ll be at Small Press Table 59, with a bunch of awesome things you can look at. 

Here’s what we’ll have on hand(with prices, if you need them)! 

Book and Zine Inventory:

Marie and Jeanne #1 - $3

Marie and Jeanne #2 - $3

Marie and Jeanne #3 (New at Wondercon!) - $3

Center for Otherworld Science #1 - $6

Center for Otherworld Science #2 (New at Wondercon!) - $6

Marlowe the Monster Vol 1. - $12

The Tribble Story (comic zine) - $2 (New at Wondercon!)

What Would Yellow Ranger Do? (comic zine) - $2 (New at Wondercon!)

…and possibly the last couple copies of I Was a Teenage Gargoyle and The Macbeth Signal zine as well. 

Other Merch:

Postcards and prints! Lots of them. Prints are $10, and postcards are $1.50 or 3 for $5.

Fairybug Pins. They’re super cute laser cut wood prints, and they’re $10 each. 

Resin cast mini figures. I’ve been working on these little dudes for months, but they’ll be debuting at Wondercon! I’ll have Jellybean Buggish Dorbals, Conehead Larmish Dorbals and Sluggish Dorbals. They’ll be $16 each, or 2 for $30.

I’ll also have a handful of original sketches and paintings, but for those of you who follow my sculpture work, I will NOT have any sculpture work to sell this time around. I’m just way too busy! I will be bringing some of my Dubious Beasts work to preview at the con, though, if you’d like to actually see some of my tiny critters in person!

Blood Root doesn’t come out until July - but I’ll have postcards for it! Blood Root artist CB Webb will also be coming to hang out at the booth some of the time!

Hope to see you there! 

For any awesome people going to WonderCon, here’s a table to visit!



Smut Peddler just broke $100,000 in funding on Kickstarter

Ha ha ha what is even happening

My smut ears are burning! This is awesome, thank you everyone!!


In which I unpack the Amazon-acquires-Comixology thing, determine that the sky is not in fact falling, and have some Opinions about comics.

Awesome article, especially the bit highlighted above (emphasis mine).


Friendly reminder to the world that breasts are not sexual in nature and that by having breasts, large, small, natural, non-natural, or otherwise and how they personally see fit to dress themselves and expose any portion of said breasts or not, says nothing about a person’s sexuality, sexual activity, sexual preference, or anything even remotely about sex, what their intentions for having said breasts are, reasons in or beyond their personal control for having the breasts that they do, and instead only says that they are a human being with attributes, modified or unmodified, that many other human beings also possess the same way someone else may or may not have limbs of any size, shape, material, or color, modified or unmodified.

I needed this today. <3


Hope y’all have the most relaxing Pesach possible. 



This is a piece my boyfriend wrote on the Giant Bomb forums regarding Sleeping Dogs and how important representation is in media. He’s a damn good writer and I wish he wrote more often.

I was with him when he bought that knife.

Wow, he’s an excellent writer and this is an excellent summary of why we need more diversity in media. Also, I always go for the big knives, too — they’re just so pretty!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
will you do another Q&A?
whowasntthere whowasntthere Said:

We recently did a Podcast Q&A for our Patrons that support us at the $5 level, but we’re always down with answering questions! Maybe? A video or a podcast? Who knows, we’re fickle.

(Podcasts are easier because we can work during them, but we haven’t done videos in a while.)




FindChaos: Unkindness, Page 23

"It will be over soon."

I honestly wouldn’t put it past you two to kill off a main character. That said, I hope Arthur DOESN’T end up dying, or, yanno, being vampirified, zombified, ghostified, mummified, lycanthrofied, or robotified. It might clash with his religious views a smidge.

Is there a facet of Arthur’s life that doesn’t clash with his religious views, though

Cereal? His skateboard? Naps? Okay… …Some naps.