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As I understand, the Russians were rather notorious for these types of experiments and research, especially during WW2 and the early decades of The Cold War. While quite intriguing, it’s definitely a topic of debate as per the ethics of the subject.

Indeed! The Germans and Soviets were notorious for conducting absolutely appalling experiments in WW2, which, on the flip side, led to major breakthroughs in the medical and scientific field. I’m all for experiments these days that aren’t cruel - such as stem cell research and cloning - because I really can’t deal with that kind of atrocity in this modern day and age. A professor here in Ohio has been running dogs on treadmills until their hearts explode for ‘research’ for the last 20 years and I would personally not take offense if he was subjected to the same ‘research’ himself, as hypocritical as that might be.

What I can say about the ‘decapitated dog’ experiment is that the scientists involved seemed to genuinely care about the dogs they were experimenting on; a small glimmer of humanity in an otherwise bleak but fascinating documentary.

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