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I feel like the Newsweek cover of Obama as ‘The First Gay President’ is the stupidest thing I’ve seen in a while, and there are some pretty stupid things around right now.                                                                                                                                           
If you want to say our President supports gay rights, by all means, have at it! It’s really great, I want a President that supports equal rights for everyone!           

But don’t call him something he isn’t. For one, it sends a message to right-wingers that all supporters of gay marriage are gay/turn gay (I actually heard this today, unfortunately).          

For another, what’s the actual first openly gay president of the U.S. going to say to this/feel about this? It would be like calling Obama the first Asian or Woman president; he’s had to face 0 problems that come with being gay, or asian, or a woman. He’s had racial issues, yes, I am not saying he’s had no struggles with being a black man in politics (or in general). However, he has not been denied the right to marry the woman he loves as I have (it’s still not legal here, I’m still treated as ‘single’ on tax forms), he has not been questioned on his parenting skills just because of his sexual orientation and he has not had to be treated as a second-class citizen in his own country by being denied his rights. Same-sex couples are denied basic right every day, even with jobs and harassment policies (fun fact: most jobs don’t have discrimination/harassment policies against sexual orientation; it’s purely optional dependent on HR departments). So please don’t belittle the struggle by calling someone who is openly and happily straight a ‘gay’ man. He has the right to choose his own sexual orientation and support same sex/equal rights, it doesn’t make him ‘The Gay President’. You’re just using a tagline that’s made to sell, and it’s shameful.     


First black president? Yes! Awesome! First black president that also supports equal rights, including those of same sex couples? Yes! Amazing! Definitely a plus! First Gay President? No. I’m sorry, but no.