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Asker ianbrooks Asks:
Hey just curious and I'm totally not trying to be a creeper but whereabouts in Alaska does your sister live? I ask because I'm in Anchorage, so I'm always amazed to hear there are other people who live up here (also, to complete the circle of personal proximity, I moved up here from Columbus. I growed up in Westerville and lived on the OSU campus for awhile. I had to move when I could no longer deal with humidity slapping me in the face like a wet towel. Also, way too many bees)
whowasntthere whowasntthere Said:

Oh dear! (And no creeper-vibe detected, I like knowing these things, and my sister looks 0% like me in every way and doesn’t share my last name, so no one would recognize her in Anchorage.)

My wife and I live in Clintonville, which is a stone’s throw away from Columbus’ Campus. My sisters (and the maternal side of my family) actually do live in Anchorage, too. I went to High School at East Anchorage briefly (before being diagnosed) and usually hung with the “punk” crowd up there. My wife and I lived in Wasilla for a couple years after we met, but that’s out in the boonies (although… maybe not any longer, seeing as how Wal-Mart destroys small towns like that). 

I love meeting people who have lived/do live where I used to! It’s such a nice connection. Do you ever go to Kaladi Bros. Cafe on Brayton? If not, I recommend it - I used to sing at their live-mic nights and it’s a very old time-y, laid-back establishment, in my eyes. 

There are a lot of bees here. Huh.

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