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Photography Sale For Sean’s New Bike

A week ago, our good friend Sean was riding his bike home when he was attacked. He was surrounded by 5 men who brutally assaulted and robbed him. He later wound up in the hospital for his injuries. Sadly, the cowards even took his bike — the form of transportation he uses the most.

Rachael Barbash is having a photography sale, with 100% of the proceeds going to Sean’s new bike. The photographs start at only $15! It’s extremely close to Sean’s birthday, and we’re hoping to surprise him with this gift. He doesn’t deserve the rotten luck he has — nor the violence that happened to him. If you’d like to buy Rachael’s beautiful photography or even just donate, please follow this link here. And please spread this — I’ve seen Tumblr do some damn fine things, and Sean is an amazing man that my spouse and I have relied on for years (especially in LGBT support). He’s one of the best people we know, and a bike is a small price for the awesomeness he does in this world.

Even Ben Folds can’t help being impressed by Sean and taking his picture.

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