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Lesbians 101 - Edited

As some of you may or may not be aware, Lesbians 101 is going to be available in PDF and print form soon, with bonus content, a quiz, a glossary of GSM terms and some other fun stuff! However, I’m a perfectionist. I wanted to make sure Lesbians 101 was not only accessible to the average jane/joe/jo, but also inclusive/friendly to all GSM (Gender and Sexual Minorities) folks — and really fun, too. So, I’ve been diligently editing each page, based on advice from readers and close friends who aren’t lesbians, but pansexual, bisexual, asexual, gay, trans*, etc. — and I love the results! 

To outline some of the changes, I’m giving a sneak peak at two of the Lessons that have been edited.

Lesson 5

1. Erased “All” and “Couples” to make it more dynamic, inclusive, and poly-friendly. Added a nod to asexuals or (medically or otherwise) celibate/abstinent folks that choose to not or can’t have sex. 2. Added a dose of humor and explanatory language. 3. Another dose of humor, along with a comparison of why it’s ridiculous to say “lesbian bed death” when no one uses “hetero bed death”… 4. “Couples” is changed to “Sexualities” to make the statement inclusive, poly friendly and easier to read. 5. Again, couples, jeez! This was wrought with shitty language. Fully GSM friendly, focuses more on individual preferences in sex, not on one-on-one couples.

Lesson 7

1. & 2. A dose of humor in the first, and a bit of a “proper” response to both of those questions, imo. 3. Trans* friendly, body dysphoria friendly, and generally really GSM inclusive on all scales. The former statement was confusing to some, and read that you can “pick” your sexuality and gender, but that’s definitely not what was trying to be conveyed — that’s fixed now! 4. The last statement was pretty awesome, but I decided to make it even more awesome, by being more inclusive and generally making it easier to understand. 

Why Did I Do This?

I’ve seen artists, writers, etc. — and especially comickers *cough* — everywhere who are unintentionally or intentionally being shitty towards different aspects of the GSM community. And when they’re called out on it, even if it’s an honest mistake, their first reaction is to get defensive, call people names, and/or claim artistic license is why they’re being homophobic, transphobic, etc..

These are all really awful things to do. I honestly can’t fathom why most people in that sort of situation, when a flaw is pointed out, don’t simply fix their mistakes or educate themselves, without trying to lash out at the very people they offended. Are they really so terrified of learning about people other than themselves?

I don’t want to be one of those comickers. I want to be inclusive, edgy, funny and educational. I want to be brave, and learn, and educate through learning. I don’t want to make people feel inferior or left out for being trans*, poly, asexual, etc. — I just want my comics, my writing, especially, to be for everyone, not a select few.

It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s also okay to own to them. And it’s fucking awesome if you fix them.

It’s one thing to be a GSM advocate — it’s another thing to show it. Hopefully I have.

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