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aburningrose said: Bruh. That jawbone necklace. That’s frickin’ wicked as hell.

Thank you so much, bruh! I’ve been wearing it out and about now that it’s Fall and people’s reactions have been mixed. Some comment, others look away quickly upon noticing it, some smile appreciatively and one woman’s eyes got very wide as she physically recoiled. It’s my little piece of insight to human psychology on a necklace.

And A. just says I look like an adorable serial killer, but whatever.


This is a poem I wrote as a gift for my friends, K and A. They love The Sandman comic by Neil Gaiman, as do I (though I’ve only read the first Absolute edition), so I made a poem about it for them. I have another one that I’m still working on, also about a topic I know we each love. I was originally gonna write it down all nice and stylized and mail it to them but I couldn’t find the right materials I wanted so I’m just gonna post it here. Enjoy!

For there is life

And there is time

Beyond the gates

To sweet sublime

Where Dream is yours

And Dream is mine

Where lusted fates

Drink honeyed wine

To swim through stars

In seas thought parched

To fight dragons fire

In castles arched

Through journeys start

Till journeys end

When rest at pyre

Be met by old friend

For there is she

Oh comfort soul

To guide and care

Whom life is made whole

So take her hand

My sister’s hold

And speak a prayer

To spirit old

Just close your eyes

And cast the day

Let go the seam

And fade away

Lay at peace

And clear your breath

May find my Dream

And kindly Death

This is absolutely gorgeous, an amazing gift. Thank you so much. <3 It came at a time that I think we both really needed it, too, and if that isn’t Destiny, I don’t know what is. Thank you.

I often think about getting a tattoo but I’m a giant chicken and afraid that it will hurt, which is odd cause I also want scarification work done and that doesn’t really frighten me much. But I likely won’t get anything like that for a long while.

I used to be the same! I hate needles, so I was really squeamish about getting a tattoo with a tattoo gun, but quite honestly it hurt a lot less than my scarification! I think the constant vibration makes your skin go a little numb after the initial shock of needle-in-flesh, so it was more of a dull scraping feeling, like dragging a sharp nail over your skin while pressing down. Not bad at all, honestly, and a little too easy to get addicted to.

Scarification was a lot worse, especially the hatching, but endorphins/adrenaline are a hell of thing and really make your mind go blank after a while, so eventually it’s more just “warm body parting like an opening flower to beautiful scars” rather than “scalpelscalpelscalpelfuckscalpel.” I think overall my scarification was more visceral and grounding, whereas the tattooing was more of a headrush and a high. That’s just me, but man, I love my body mods. 

…I kind of want some facial piercings now…


I’ve been playing a lot of Skyrim and there was one quest I quite liked the backstory of even though it was kinda annoying to go through but I felt like writing a poem about it anyways, so here it is. Enjoy. Or don’t. See if I care.

I walked many a mile

To meet Clavicus Vile

At the Shrine of the old Trickster God.

I knelt and I pleaded

I asked to be heeded

That he might end my dilemma most odd.

I spoke of my daughter

And the horrible slaughter

Caused by her violent curse.

The prince heard my plea

And listened with glee

As I carried on to converse.

I asked to enlighten

How I might stop the Lycan

That once was my sweet darling child.

A dog by his side

And hands open wide

The God so crookedly smiled.

“Such love is pure

I’ll grant you a cure

To end the pain and attacks.”

Beyond my belief

I was filled with relief

Until he gave me an axe.

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Winter wanes and wails and wilts and weeps.

Wooden lanes and tails and stilts and creaks.

Frozen rains and hails and hilts and leaks.

Tired pains and pails, cold quilts and peaks.

The sky is grey and dark and dull.

Long you stay and hark the lull.

Chilled whispers play and mark the skull.

In bank it lay, it’s stark from cull.

All snow and ice, everything meek.

Asleep the mice, birds hush their beaks.

Soon quiet and nice but forest still speaks.

The tempered vice that silenced the shrieks.

Buried in frost.

Forever lost.

Payed the cost.

Long lay the man from Aust.


Auburn leaves in Autumn seas ask arrantly of all of thee as Autumn’s seen attendently of apple trees with spice on breeze so ascendantly to aid of bees to fly with ease and care of these who carry seeds of unborn needs so each of thee may sleep with dreams made of gentle seams and see away all each of these who speak in ways that leave us all so breathlessly.


seduce me with film references

"I’m really falling for you!" (Film: Suicide Club)

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What model did you get? Mine is an Acer, just like the one I had before. I really like the quality of their laptops. They often have great specs for a low price.

We got an HP Pavilion dv7. It’s actually nicer than our stand-alone computer. :/

I looked at a few Acer’s, but this one had a nice big keyboard to write on and a nice big screen to color on, so it won. I do like how streamlined and awesome Acers are, though.

Getting a new laptop is seriously one of the best feelings ever. It’s like getting a new toy on Christmas…. a new toy that has Internet access.

It is! And for me, even more. I can finally write anywhere I feel like, without the worry of taking the computer from my wife. Plus, it works with Photoshop, so we can double-up on our comic workload. It’s like a magical worker I don’t have to pay minimum wage to!

Happy Birthday! Older Bibles are interesting to flip through, especially ones from other countries. I have my grandfather’s old Bible hidden somewhere. It’s a bit small, but it opens via a little bronze Cross zipper.

Like zis?

Also, thank you!