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So did you hear that the Great State of Kentucky is the first state in the union to convict someone under the new federal anti-gay hate crimes law?

findchaos: That. Was. Amazing.

I’ll admit it: Kentucky is definitely the last place I would have expected this out of, but maybe that’s a very positive sign. Suddenly, the Gay Rights movement has officially (and legally) entered into the same arena as the Anti-Segregation movement of the mid-20th century. It’s not just speculation any more, these events are mirroring it exactly.

I can only hope that more and more people recognize this, and the resolution comes even faster than before. There has been enough hate and separation, we’re in the 21st century, for god’s sake. If the state of Kentucky, which has increasingly swung Republican in modern history, has managed to prosecute someone on hate crimes against gays, then surely it has become a matter of pure common sense, not politics.

Because I can’t reblog this, I’m also going to respond to it here. I agree with everything findchaos, mystill illegitimate wifesaid. But I’d like to add this:

Being common victims of hatred against gays/queers ourselves, this strikes a particular nerve. We’ve not only been singled out online for hate mail, rude comments, trolling and the like, but also in every day situations, like former workplaces (once I was told I don’t have an actual family, because a gay wife doesn’t count, so I shouldn’t get paid the same as other employees with spouses), on the streets while holding hands (our favorite thing to do, and a comfort to me in times of stress) and even in restaurants when the servers obviously were uncomfortable with our relationship (making sweet-eyes at each other, touching hands gingerly on top of the table, giggling at each others’ jokes, letting each other eat food from the same plate, etc.) and didn’t bother to make effort to check in on us or even serve us, or, in one case, charged us extra.

I’m glad people are finally realizing that the ones who target a specific minority are bulliesand should be held accountable. What my wife and I do in our day-to-day life is not offensive. They’re the only ones who think it is.