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Blood Root flyer postcards for Wondercon! There’s some weird artifacting in the second streak that I’ll fix in the next batch, but I wanted to at least start getting the word out early!

So Awesome!!!They look amazing, I can’t wait! My name is on a thing going where I am not!


I’m finally ok with this. I had a nightmare and I think I’m actually ok with it now. Some people say that when you have a dream about something it’s your subconscious way of letting something go. Maybe it is. Personal comic while I wait for traffic to die down. :)

I’m sorry about the hurt, but I’m also really glad you’ve come through it and made this beautiful comic. I really love the static, it struck a chord. Dreams are weird.



FindChaos: Unkindness, Page 20

A friend in need…

NEVER promise anything, Mary! Negotiations 101, homes. Now you’re gonna be missing a kidney…

I feel like somewhere in Mary’s bag there’s an Employee Handbook from C.E., with a detailed list of things not to do, and this is right at the top. And an addendum that says “Kidney loss not covered under Medical.”


FindChaos: Unkindness, Page 19

Strife in the workplace…

(Everyone look at the lighting in the background! I did that. Alright, good, we’ve got that out of the way. Now hit Reblog. Yay, Lighting!)

Recording a Patron-Only video for our Patreon of Stiffler drawing the next ChaosLife! It’s pretty neat.



FindChaos: The Story of the Roses

An excerpt from the ongoing webcomic FindChaos, as requested. If you’re new to FindChaos, you can go here to start from the beginning! (Suggested for Mature Readers only.)

God, these pages are so fucking gorgeous. Hands down some of my favourite pages in the entire story.

Ditto, the way A. illustrated them is probably my favorite work of theirs in FindChaos. Back when I first wrote the chapter, it wasn’t meant to be stylized, but I wanted a bit more mystery. I suggested the black, white and red silhouetted style to A. and to my surprise, they just leaped into it and made it even more gorgeous than I had ever imagined. I honestly hope Stiffler gets a chance to make more comics like this soon.

Some concept art for a thing that may or may not be. Lines by A. Stiffler, coloring by this weirdo. Sepia tones are neat.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hey there! Huge fan of you and your wife's work. Sorry I don't have a Tumblr yet I'm working on it. Anyway just a question; I saw Kate Leth say on her tumblr that her Smut Peddler comic wouldn't have any genitals in it. As a former supporter of Smut Peddler in the past and in the recently rereleased PDFs I was a little disappointed by this as her comic seemed to be lesbian-centric. Will you guys be showing genitals or not? I want at least one story that I can relate to that's also, um, smut!
whowasntthere whowasntthere Said:

I hadn’t heard that! Different strokes for different folks! I’m sure her story will still be sexy, genitals or not! After all, genitals do not always sex make.

  But to answer your question, yes. Yes, there will be genitals in our comic.


Aw yisss…



Dramatic walk off into the sunset. New TMO! One more page until we get some Cookie shorts and then chapter 4. 

Looks like someone’s not a happy bunny (And by someone I mean Keil).




ChaosLife: Shifting Shame

Oh, the things the world below us has seen…

Eventually, you just stop giving a fuck.

All of our windows are like this, too, so there’s literally 0 privacy. I stopped caring long ago. Now it’s just a fun excuse to occasionally bang Stiffler against the windows. What up, High Street.