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TMO! On a wednesday! Cause why not!?

You’re on thiiiiin ice, Keil. 


New TMO! www.themostordinary.com/ www.alexquintas.tumblr.com/tagged/art 

New TMO!!! Whaaaa-aaa-aaaaa-umbrella?-aaaaaat?!

Another preview of our Beyond Anthology comic, ‘The Next Day,’ as I finish up the the last few base ‘colors’ for it. Soon! <3

The Next Day - Extras

I’ve been slapping the colors (b&w) on our comic for The Beyond Anthology, “The Next Day,” which takes place in a slightly post-apocalyptic world. This is one of the only scenes with extras. I think waaaay too much while coloring and have come up with complex backstories for all of these extras. My spouse told me to write them down after I rambled for ten minutes. So. From left to right:

1. Old Man: The father of the keeper of the tavern (#4), he stays out of the cold essentially for free. He and his wife and his husband had a good life before the events that led up to this world, but unfortunately his husband passed away, his wife fell illand they have no medicine. His daughter left to find a cure, but she hasn’t returned home in over a year.

2. Pocket Guy: Planning something that sounds nefarious, but is actually a complex underground tunnel system that would allow people to live more comfortably underground. He lost his boyfriend last year to the cold, he doesn’t want the same thing to happen to anyone else. He also secretly hopes that a new setting will give him a new start.

3: Shawl Girl: A transgender woman is plotting with Pocket Guy (#2). She has extensive knowledge of current underground tunnel systems, but is also helping Pocket Guy because she wants to be closer to him. She hasn’t told him yet, but she has an entire stash of food hidden in one of the tunnels — enough that two people could survive off of for the rest of their lives.

4. Tavern Keeper: He looks after his father (#1) and his sick mother, but he goes without food most days. He’s worried about his sister and wants to find her, but he can’t leave his parents alone in this barbaric wasteland. He spends his days behind the counter, but he draws in his spare time — mostly portraits of passing strangers. 

5. One-Eye: Lost their eye protecting their newborn daughter from cannibals, now their daughter is 6 and hiding in a safe place while they “forage.” Foraging includes betting bigger, tougher people for the chance to win food, since it’s so scarce. They dream of a day when food is abundant again and tell their daughter every night of times before.

Bonus: 6: Sister of Tavern Keep: Has, in her travels, become a ruthless warrior, pillaging any settlement or establishment she comes across with a band of equally tough women by her side. She has been sending medicine and supplies home from her conquests, but they never arrive because her messenger girl is secretly keeping them for herself or selling them. She doesn’t know that her family is in peril, but she has constant nightmares of a large black snake twisting around her. Luckily, her harem lets her take her mind off of such awful dreams every now and then.

*And yes, all of these characters are queer in one way or another.


TMO! Enjoy the early update. Next one is up on Thursday. 

AAH, new TMO! If you haven’t read it yet, start here, you loony!!! 

And holy shit, Alex, the coloring and panel layout are out of this world! 


Blood Root flyer postcards for Wondercon! There’s some weird artifacting in the second streak that I’ll fix in the next batch, but I wanted to at least start getting the word out early!

So Awesome!!!They look amazing, I can’t wait! My name is on a thing going where I am not!


I’m finally ok with this. I had a nightmare and I think I’m actually ok with it now. Some people say that when you have a dream about something it’s your subconscious way of letting something go. Maybe it is. Personal comic while I wait for traffic to die down. :)

I’m sorry about the hurt, but I’m also really glad you’ve come through it and made this beautiful comic. I really love the static, it struck a chord. Dreams are weird.



FindChaos: Unkindness, Page 20

A friend in need…

NEVER promise anything, Mary! Negotiations 101, homes. Now you’re gonna be missing a kidney…

I feel like somewhere in Mary’s bag there’s an Employee Handbook from C.E., with a detailed list of things not to do, and this is right at the top. And an addendum that says “Kidney loss not covered under Medical.”


FindChaos: Unkindness, Page 19

Strife in the workplace…

(Everyone look at the lighting in the background! I did that. Alright, good, we’ve got that out of the way. Now hit Reblog. Yay, Lighting!)

Recording a Patron-Only video for our Patreon of Stiffler drawing the next ChaosLife! It’s pretty neat.