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Sometimes when we LiveStream, things happen in the chat. Sometimes people get fake internet points and win things. Unfortunately, we get to pick the prizes, and since Annie is swamped with artings right now, the prize this time is a stupid/silly little poem about the winner’s subject of choice.            

So, here’s a poem about Jon Snow from Game of Thrones, whom I literally had to look up just today because man, I am terrible at all of the new things.            

Jon Snow,

But his name should be Jon Like-able,

Because damn, he’s like the best person,

In the Game of Thrones fable,


He has a wolf,

That’s apparently magical,

It’s all white and its mom is dead,

And that’s all very tragical,

But getting back to Jon Snow,

He’s the bastard son of Winterfell,

And his life is real hard,

Being a bastard never works out well,


Even so, Jon Snow,

Has a kind heart and clear mind,

He’s a cool guy,

Stickin’ to his daily grind,


A dude who rescues puppies,

Jon Snow,

This has been “A Game of Thrones:

The More You Know.