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There are plenty of movies that I have never seen. There are plenty of movies that I will NEVER see. Then, there are movies that people have insistantly been trying to get me to watch for YEARS and I have just taken a stand and will never ever watch them. Ever. Yeah, I am a stubborn ass when you tell me what to do. Bitches. This is one of several I will be drawing (without reference, just what I think I know about it) and tell you my thoughts on something I have no idea about. (Kinda like Congress! ::badumcha::)*

Back to the Future, all three, is one of these. I will never watch this movie. Ever. You can tell me I HAVE to. I shall not. Why? 3 reasons. 1 Because of aforementioned people who insist. (DON’T TELL ME NOT TO DANCE, DAD!) 2 Because I was a little kid when it came out, and I have no nostalgic attachment to it. At all. 3 Time travel movies piss me off. Most of them anyways. Just completely piss me off. I am not very rational. 

What I know about the movie. Apparently, in the 80s, mullets were prevalent but they were more of… a shag mullet? Also, sleeves for poofy vests were super expensive so most just got the vest. And it made you look huge even if you were tiny Michael J Fox. Also, there must have been a jean shortage because most pants didn’t come over the shoes. Unlike the jean surplus of the 1990s that lead me to wear gigantic fucking pants that dragged behind me up until my high school years, when I was told they were no longer fashionable. 5 years after the fact. There was a car that was weird looking? It kinda took them to the past, but the movie is called back to the FUTURE so maybe they get stuck there? He also apparently kisses his mom? And I’m gonna go ahead and say the car had flames, because, if it didn’t then I am extra glad I haven’t seen it. 

Oh, and high tops. Always high tops with socks that cover your ankles. Because of the jean shortage, you see. 

Up tomorrow: Indiana Jones. (Any of them) 

*I am stubborn/petty for really dumb reasons. Sexy, I know.  

I love the expression you gave him!! XD

Also, I’m just gonna go out and say that I thought these movies were all terrible. :/ Maybe that’s because I wasn’t born yet when they came out or something so I have no 80’s nostalgia?

Friendships. Over.

(Nah, you do you. Even if that means we’ll never have a pajama party where we watch BttF and Indiana Jones 1 and 3 [2 was crap, I’ll give you that].)

Sometimes I don’t know if the Netflix ratings are up because a movie is good or it’s just that a ludicrous amount of people are trolls. 

While I can’t say that The Sixth Sense is my favorite movie, or even ranks in the top 10, it is a pretty good movie. One of the things I like most about it, however, is all of the very subtle imagery that’s never expounded upon. And imagery that few people ever notice, like this:

Did you notice that both the patient that breaks into Bruce Willis character’s home in the beginning and Haley Joel Osment’s character have a streak of white hair? Haley’s is harder to find an image of, because it’s even more subtle, hidden in the back of his hair and to the side, but it’s there.

There are other uses of subtle imagery in the movie, like pops of red in an otherwise bleak landscape (the doorknob, the tent, the balloon, wardrobe choices, blankets, wine, etc.), you never see Bruce’s character cast a reflection on objects he passes(the china cabinet leading to the basement, for one), and the use of non-verbal communication between Bruce and Haley’s characters to indicate that Haley’s character was uncomfortable talking to someone whom he perceived to be ‘not really there’ for other people.

I enjoy creators that take the time to think about what they want out of a movie, a book or an animation and intentionally add things that, in the long run, the majority of audiences won’t notice.