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Never is complete!

Read the entire story by following the link— or just catch the last three pages, for those who have kept up.

It’s always a weird feeling when you finish a story that’s been going on for a while. Like a short-lived, but close friend moving away.


Good news, everyone! Never officially has its own little site, and by tomorrow, the entire comic should be up. There are only three more pages to go and yesterday they were all inked, so today they’re all getting colored. We’re pretty excited about the ending and can honestly say that no one has guessed it so far.

So, happy website-ing!


Page 9 of Never. You can always go back and read the entire story (so far) on its dedicated page on FindChaos.

Going to be Livestreaming (with running commentary) the next page of ‘Never’ in about an hour. Will post a fresh link once we’re up and running!


Rounding out our New Page Day is Page 8 of Never!


Never - Page 5

If you’re faint of heart or easily offended, you should stop reading right about now. Really, go outside and take a walk. Read a nice, happy book. Anything but read the next pages - just put it out of your mind and do your best to convince yourself that everything was great.

This story will probably get more flak than I expected in the end.