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Revival of previously deceased organisms, especially the brain, have long been a controversial yet much studied area of science.

In 1812 Julien Jean César Le Gallois (a.k.a. Legallois) questioned the idea of reviving a decapitated head using blood transfusions. Since then, advances in science and biology have brought us a long way, and the pioneers of revival have paved the way for blood transfusions, organ transplants and even cardiac pace makers.

In 1923, Sergey Bryukhonenko proved life could be sustained, and videotaped his progress in a documentary called: Experiments in the Revival of Organisms (1940),which while gruesome in its detail and experimentation on live animals, it was one of the first successful experiments of its kind, and the documentary shows the leaps and bounds science and modern medicine was taking at the time.

Parts of the video can be found on YouTube and other video sites, such as this one: Russian Dog Experiment

Later parts of the entire documentary show a successful head transplant from one dog to another dog’s body, as well.