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I’m working on some site updates and have reached the point where the About pages are next. While I have several updates to make to the FAQ already, I thought it was best to poll here, too, in case there was anything I’m missing. So! Thank you in advance for helping me make the sites better! <3 To that end, you can send an Ask or answer this post:

Are there any questions about ChaosLife or FindChaos (that aren’t spoilers) or Lesbians 101 you would like to see included/addressed on the main websites?

Made some minor tweaks to ChaosLife’s “About Page" — nothing special — cleared up a few gender-related questions, cat questions (sadly), added some photos, swept up the gutters, etc… I may do more if anything special is requested or people want specific questions on there (I suppose that’s what FAQ are, these were just the ones that stuck out to us both) but it’s much easier to play with the sites on the new Host - instant updating without clearing the cache each time - so I’m pleased with site building for now. Trying to stay productive while I’m on a down swing.

Ah yes, there’s a Commissions page I made on there now, too.

A sneak peek of what I’m working on this fine morning. (Now don’t you go trying to find it! It’s just a baby!)

I’m working on a website while Annie is busy drawing.

I should just make all of the fonts and graphics in Comic-Sans.

Act totally cool about it. Pretend to be offended when she gets upset.

Marriage Over.