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Meal While Working: The Usual Suspects.

Animating a very teeny-tiny bit of ChaosLife tonight for the new strip tomorrow, then throwing myself into writing. Productivity muses be with me.

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That moment when the idea in your head, your research and your actual writing material all click together in such a cohesive way you have to imagine it’s serendipity.

Can I write more than 400 words tonight? Let’s find out!

Steerpike of Mervyn Peake’s ‘Gormenghast’ Trilogy

This character is probably one of my favorites and one of the best written transformative arcs I’ve read. He gets put through the (literary) wringer and is forced to evaluate himself, his surroundings and his desires at every turn, while still staying true to his sense of self and ultimate motives. Even though he’s written as a psychopath, his depth of character is so intense and his personality so ultimately charming (even though you quickly learn that he’s not a very nice fella) that when the final book comes up with him not in it, your desire to finish the trilogy is so weakened by the lack of his character that you almost hurl it through the window.

Do yourself a favor, and like my wife said to me so many years ago, “You have to read this book, if just for this one character!”

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Down Boy Down

Inspiration for writing on a rainy night.