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Hi! have you ever thought of writing a smut book… like a collection of stories or something like that? I’m curious because I’ve read some of your sexy stuff and really love them. I would totally buy it, just imagine: “fifty shades of K”
Thank you! And…
I like this idea. <3 I could even have my spouse do little dirty illustrations.
Our Shower: A short auto-bio erotica writing warm-up that I left ungendered and without specific genitalia, most purposely. I would do a “Read More” but those tend to get their links mixed up on Tumblr. Please forgive my long-ish text post. 
Our Shower
I know you’ve been stressed lately. You don’t say it, and you don’t need to. I’m married to you — I know when you feel the weight of the world. I also know we just lost a giant chunk of your recent art in moving computers. But we both know: it will be okay, no matter what. Still, I want to do something for you…
It’s been a sweltering week. We’ve been working non-stop. The sweat and the stress has accumulated. I took a shower this morning, but you put yours off so that you could get more work done. I know you hate showers anyway.
When you finally have your e-mails sent off, the comics you need to draw sent off and it’s time to give your drawing hand a rest, I offer a suggestion. You accept.
I start the shower and get undressed. I help you get undressed, too. I tell you to wrap the silk blindfold around your eyes after you’ve entered the shower. I wait.
I pause just long enough to make sure you don’t notice when I’m right in front of you. I want to make sure you’re completely lacking sight. You are.
I let myself take in your nude form, watching the water gently cascade over your body as you stand there, looking a little uncertain. 
I lean in slowly and kiss your neck, then down your collar bone. You’re surprised, but you smile.
I can taste salty sweat on your skin, feel your heart beating. I bring my left hand up to your shoulder and slowly run it down the length of your arm, all the way to your hand, where I slip my fingers past your palm and lock them into yours. You bite your lip. You’re temporarily blind, but you smile as if you know what’s coming. 
I wash your hair first — the mundane out of the way. I use the shampoo I know you like and give you a head massage, making sure to keep the soap away from your blindfold as I rinse your blonde curls. I let my hands glide down the side of your face, tracing your features lovingly.
I pick up the bar of soap — the one that’s scented like hazelnut coffee — and begin lathering your upper chest. You sigh and remark how lavish it is. I’m only just getting started.
I run the soap down your collarbones and around your nipples carefully. I kiss your cheek and nibble on your ear as I let the soap run down your boney ribs, past your stomach and to your hip. Your torso is covered in suds now, so I focus on your arms. I have to be delicate with your underarms — you’re ticklish while I’m not — so I rub the hollows with care, going down and around your back. 
I reach behind you, pressing my chest to yours, making you breath in with surprise. I lather up your spine, rubbing my thumb between your shoulder blades in a slow massage. I work my way to the small of your back. I lower myself down.
I kiss your belly as I press the bar of soap to your firm ass, working in circles on both sides, then letting my hand glide into the middle. I cup my hand around and under, reaching all the way to your heat, letting my fingers slip around your most delicate skin, savoring every inch of your sex. 
I kiss past your thigh, gently pulling your leg forward and kissing down to your knee as I soap up your legs. You’re relaxed, you bend your legs easily to me, letting me slide the soap up and down your inner thigh as many times as I want. 
I finally stand again and you’re surprised when I kiss you on the mouth. I put the soap away behind you, onto the shower caddy, and start rinsing you off — I do it all by hand. I trace the exact route I took with the soap, but this time I let my fingers dance over you in sweeping motions, brushing the soft soap suds and water off of your hard body with my palms. 
I suddenly turn you around, touching my nipples to your back as I hold you to the rushing water. You reach your hands back to grab my hips, but I catch your wrists and push your hands against the wall, bending you at the waist. Tracing the curve of your back and hips with my fingertips, I kneel again. Spreading your small ass cheeks with my hands, this time, I kiss a more intimate place. 
I let my tongue explore your soft skin, I let it dive into you. I lick up and down, savoring every inch of your flesh as if it were a ripe fruit. I keep my hands busy, up and down your slim, gazelle-like legs and even reaching up to your chest to pull at your nipples while I nuzzle into you.
I can tell you’re aroused fully now. I stand again, spinning you around, pressing you to the other wall, and kissing you hard on the lips. I force my tongue inside your hot mouth. You reciprocate, sucking at my tongue and relaxing enough to let my fingers work their way into your tight hole.
I reach to the side quietly, taking the shower head out of its holster. I deftly switch it to the Pulse function and lower it, letting it pound against your hot sex as I slip my fingers in and out of you. You grab my shoulders, standing up on your toes as the surprising pleasure escalates.
I watch as your lips part, mouth flushed. I watch as your chest turns a bright red. I watch as your thigh muscles tense and release over and over again. I watch and I fuck you, paying attention to every nuance of your physical changes, making sure that when you moan, I repeat my actions to make you moan even more, to make your thighs and ass tense.
You cum. 
I grin.
You shudder.
I can feel you tighten even more around my fingers. I slip them out of you as you come down from your orgasm. I kiss your neck and the side of your face, rubbing my nose into your cheek affectionately. To my surprise, you turn the shower nozzle to my groin. 
I let it wash over me, then I take it in hand, pressing you back against the wall even harder and kissing you deeply. I try to shove my tongue down your throat as I picture fucking you, letting my fantasy of you later run away with me, even as I fuck you now. 
I cum hard, moaning into your mouth, my thighs shaking, my chest heaving against yours. I throw my head back and give it my all, knowing this fuck is just the first of many. I let my lungs relax again as I collapse against you. You pet my hair lovingly.
But you’re still blindfolded. You don’t notice when I turn the shower nozzle back towards your red-hot sex. 
You let out a surprised sound, saying something about not being able to get off again. I stay silent. I reach behind you, grabbing your ass hard. I let the water pound against you as I pick you up by your hips. You gasp. Your legs quiver. Your chest turns an even brighter shade of crimson. You grab me, clenching, fingernails digging into my shoulders. I press against you, biting the side of your neck hard. Your legs are shaking at an alarming rate now, your ass clenching and unclenching. You gasp again, but it turns into a moan. The moan turns into a scream. I’m so incredibly turned on that I start cumming again, my muscles spasming in ecstasy. 
You scream so loudly that I shove my tongue into your mouth, letting you scream into me, rocking my hips rhythmically against yours. You cum into me. I cum into you. We cum again. You’re still blind and I’m still cumming as I watch you…  
I know you’re stressed. I want to do something for you… But I’ve gotten a treat out of it myself. 
When we go to bed afterwards, I hold you so closely. I love your body against my body. 
I hope I managed to relieve your stress. I hope I managed to let you know how much I love you. I hope I managed to convince you to take more blind showers with me. I love how you quiver when you’re not watching. I love watching when you do quiver… 
I hope to make you quiver again soon… 


Auburn leaves in Autumn seas ask arrantly of all of thee as Autumn’s seen attendently of apple trees with spice on breeze so ascendantly to aid of bees to fly with ease and care of these who carry seeds of unborn needs so each of thee may sleep with dreams made of gentle seams and see away all each of these who speak in ways that leave us all so breathlessly.

Meal While Working: The Usual Suspects.

Animating a very teeny-tiny bit of ChaosLife tonight for the new strip tomorrow, then throwing myself into writing. Productivity muses be with me.

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That moment when the idea in your head, your research and your actual writing material all click together in such a cohesive way you have to imagine it’s serendipity.

Can I write more than 400 words tonight? Let’s find out!

Steerpike of Mervyn Peake’s ‘Gormenghast’ Trilogy

This character is probably one of my favorites and one of the best written transformative arcs I’ve read. He gets put through the (literary) wringer and is forced to evaluate himself, his surroundings and his desires at every turn, while still staying true to his sense of self and ultimate motives. Even though he’s written as a psychopath, his depth of character is so intense and his personality so ultimately charming (even though you quickly learn that he’s not a very nice fella) that when the final book comes up with him not in it, your desire to finish the trilogy is so weakened by the lack of his character that you almost hurl it through the window.

Do yourself a favor, and like my wife said to me so many years ago, “You have to read this book, if just for this one character!”

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Down Boy Down

Inspiration for writing on a rainy night.